Yellow Springs Ohio News

Cresco Labs Awarded Ohio Marijuana Grow License

With over 100 applications submitted to earn one of the 12 coveted Marijuana Cultivation licenses in Ohio, Midwest-based Cresco Labs was awarded one today by the Ohio Department of Commerce. Cresco's successful application outlined a detailed operational and regulatory compliance plan as well as a community support program offering scholarships and local financial incentives.

Ohio residents and well-established community leaders joined forces with Cresco Labs to combine their local knowledge with Cresco's innovative and nationally-recognized cultivation processes. Having successfully secured merit-based licenses in Illinois, Pennsylvania and now Ohio (recognized as three of the most arduous and thorough application processes in the industry), Cresco Labs has established itself as the nation's leading multi-state medical cannabis operating company. Cresco combines regulatory expertise and product development with best-in-class cultivation processes to create pharmaceutical-grade, precisely dosed, medical cannabis products.

"We are thrilled to be selected as a provider in this program and look forward to providing medical relief to patients across Ohio," said Charlie Bachtell, Cresco's CEO. "We plan to be the state leader in this industry by manufacturing the highest quality product, providing caring service to the patients and giving back to our home community," he added.

A strong commitment to both the patient and Ohio community is what helped differentiate Cresco's plan from other applicants, ranking their proposal in the top 10 out of over 175 applicants. "After visiting their facilities in Illinois and meeting their team members, we knew that Cresco would mesh well with the values of the community," said Yellow Springs Village President Karen Wintrow. "We look forward to working with Cresco as they build and staff their new facility and know they will be a valued contributor to the quality of life in Yellow Springs with jobs, tax revenues and community support."

Cresco will develop an environmentally-sound greenhouse cultivation facility that will grow and harvest condition-specific strains of medical marijuana and produce non-invasive medical products for qualified patients. Cresco has also applied for a dispensary license and will apply for a processing license which, through industry-leading extraction methods, will produce pharmaceutical-grade oral sprays, sublingual digestible tablets, transdermal patches and other forms of cannabis oil to provide users with a consistent, controlled dosage. Cresco's brand name products will be available at dispensaries across Ohio to patients that have been physician-certified with any of the 22 approved medical conditions.

Construction on Cresco's 50,000+ square foot cultivation facility in Yellow Springs will begin immediately as their site plans and zoning have been pre-approved. All growing will take place in secure, climate-controlled environments that utilize nearly 85% renewable energy.